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by | 01.10.2018. | News

We are witnessing the establishment of new ways of doing medical practice, which is increasingly moving towards electronic records of patient management.

Taking into account the high degree of application of IT in medicine and our decades of experience in the production of software solutions for healthcare institutions, today we make the most modern technology widely available to end users.

Through a strategic contribution to the development of IT in medicine, we created Careoll – a software solution intended for the operation of healthcare practices. Careoll is a simple and quick help that will completely replace manual patient records and exams, manually manage business, produce reports, and make unavoidable help in making business decisions.

It is important to point out that the use of Careoll does not require advanced IT skills, so that you can focus entirely on successful medical practice and effective patient care. Careoll users will have a continuous access to state-of-the-art technology, which will be in a position to achieve the planned business result with greater chance.

Thanks to this solution, corsica will become part of a large group of European healthcare institutions through this kind of involvement in the digital transformation process, which wants to secure the future in the increasingly demanding market of the 21st century.

Breathe safety. Start Careroll.

Careoll – soon in our market.

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