Digital transformation in medicine 2.0

by | 05.10.2018. | News

“The way IT is trying to contribute to more effective patients’ treatments, prevention of some diseases and further development of medicine.”

The initial digital transformation in medicine mainly means the translation of medical documents into digital form as documents with a free text. This was allowed a simple digitization process and it was a step forward in the exchange of medical records between the different parts (teams/services) of the organization or in the best way, between organizations in a region (or a country). However, such documents were not suitable for further processing by computers.

Digital Transformation 2.0 implies the structuring of medical data in such a way that each entry is precisely defined by what it refers to and the value which can be assigned from a particular data set (or data range). Such documents are suitable for further computer processing as BI – business intelligence as a decision support framework, Data Mining – data analysis as search of certain rules of data repetition in a sequence and for international exchange.

This process going to have great influence on the more effective patients’ treatment, preventive actions in the treatment of some diseases and it will open new opportunities for scientific research in medicine.

The Careoll is based on structured medical data, which places them in a new generation of medical information systems.

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