Edition for spas with therapeutic procedures

Tourist-spa complexes that offer medical examinations and their services are based on therapeutic procedures.

CAREOLL Spa is adapted to monitor and fully support all the specifics of the work of the medicinal spa. Reception and treatment of outpatients and inpatients are supported. In addition to general data on the medicinal spa and employed health workers, it is possible to enter all locations, teams, devices, and procedures that can be performed in it.

The arrival of the patient in the facility is accompanied by detailed information about his previous visits, ie. insight into the medical records and review of previous findings and performed therapies. This facilitates the work of doctors and eliminates the need for patients to bring with them earlier findings in paper form. In an intuitive and easy way, it is possible to enter and print the findings and opinions of doctors containing prescribed therapeutic procedures and medications. The data are structured, which enables easier monitoring and reporting by individual elements of the findings.

Scheduling of prescribed therapies is based on findings and entered work schedules, which prevents errors of overlapping appointments or duplication of patients. Each patient receives a printed schedule of therapies so that the patient always has information about the dates when he/she is on which therapy.

Therapists, as an important link in the process of working with the patient, have the opportunity to enter information during the therapy that is important for the course of treatment. The doctor is able to monitor the progress of each patient and to correct the prescribed procedures and/or medications through check-ups.

By making discharge papers, the stay in the medicinal spa is completed and the patient can print a document with the course of treatment. In addition to basic data related to the first and follow-up examinations of patients, CAREOLL Spa also supports other segments of the medicinal spa’s work, such as entering price list of services and creating invoices (A4 and fiscal). There is a wide range of reports with dynamic parameters that the user of the application can adjust according to user’s needs.

CAREOLL Spa was created as a multi-user system and provides the possibility to assign special access rights to each user.


CAREOLL Spa packages

As part of the Spa edition, two packages are available to users – Basic and Standard.