About Us

About Us


Every success basically has a shared vision, mission and a harmonious team. Our team consists of synergies of experience and youth of highly motivated, ambitious and dedicated members. In our work we are committed to respecting and applying the highest professional standards in order to achieve the best solution.


Employees are our most valued resource and at the center of everything we do. Their talent, diversity and dedication are crucial to our customer service obligations and to our overall success. Our working environment encourages personal, professional and corporate growth. It reflects a sense of community that nurtures our commitment to excellence. We are committed to building a performance-driven organization that will attract, develop, reward and retain top talents.

Your work experience so far is important to us, and that is what we will need your CV for. We also need a motivation letter, to see if your motives for working are in line with our corporate policy.

Applications can be sent to our e-mail address  posao@lanaco.com