Careoll Mobile

Careoll Mobile

The CAREOLL Mobile application is an add-on to the CAREOLL Information system, which allows users to complete certain activities in a faster and easier way, even while on the go.

CAREOLL Information system is the application for health institutions which allows management of electronic medical records (EMR), Laboratory Analysis (LIS) and basic resources management of health institutions.

CAREOLL Mobile application allows users to:


Upload Images

Transforms user’s mobile device (phone/tablet) into handheld scanner and allows taking pictures of patients for medical records, pictures of visible skin changes and other medical documentation which patient brings with them and adding them to the medical report.


Upload Videos

Transforms user’s mobile device into camera, which allows you to capture particular video content important for patient examination and to add it to medical record.


Appointment schedule

Allows user to make a appointment for patient examination, taking into account the schedules and resources of health institution. When scheduling an appointment, user has the option to enter necessary patient information in the appointment note, get it from an SMS message sent by the patient or get the phone number of the patient who called/on call (from the call list or from the active call).



Display of scheduled therapies for current day by locations and time, with patient and procedure information and support for patient presence/absence record.


My schedules

View the existing and schedule new appointments in the personal schedule of the health worker.


My absences

View and add leave dates for medical worker.



Display of Announcements provided by health institution.


Offline mode

(without network/internet) allows downloading of all data necessary for the work of the application, recording the presence/absence of patients on therapies and data synchronization when the network is available.



Sets the connection to the CAREOLL Information system* as well as the basic behavior of the application.


If the health institution uses CAREOLL Information system in the CLOUD, user needs to install special User Certificate that allows access and ensures secure communication with CLOUD service.


If the health institution uses the CAREOLL Information system ON-PREMISES, the mobile application uses a LAN network for communication and can only be used on the premises of the institution.

CAREOLL Mobile Screenshots

Privacy Policy

Lanaco Ltd respects your privacy, therefore we would like to inform you – the user of our CAREOLL software, on how we collect, use and access personal and private information…