Edition for biochemical, microbiological, pathohistological and genetic laboratories

CAREOLL Lab enables monitoring of all steps from enrollment in the protocol of visits to required analyses, creation, and issuance of invoices, sampling, triage (primary/ secondary), pre-analytical processing, creation of laboratory orders, creation of orders for transport to other laboratories, communication with laboratory devices through HL7 and ASTM protocols, entry of results, verification, signing and finally issuing of results to patients (printed and by email).

By supporting the connection of various devices to the system (computers/laptops, touch screens, tablets, mobile phones, barcode printers, and barcode readers), this medical software fully enables easier and faster access to all information in given places within the business process.

In simple terms, CAREOLL Lab fully digitizes business processes in your lab and minimizes the need to print documents. Through the connection with laboratory devices (analyzers), CAREOLL Lab influences the accuracy of sample processing, which speeds up the service conclusion process.

Thanks to the highly structured data, the system allows various controls during the verification of the results:

automatic selection of reference values based on gender, age, analysis method, device type, etc.
comparison with previous analyses for the same patient
automatic calculation of the basic delta check

In order to achieve complete control, the software enables monitoring the sample movement through the laboratory, calculating  TAT time for each analysis while informing the user about the expiration date.

In case you have points within your laboratories, the system automatically offers you the creation of order for the transport of samples, data transfer from the point to the central laboratory, and automatic return of results with a complete insight into the sample movement.

In order to achieve the best possible business results, the system allows you to create a loyalty program for patients, conclude partnership agreements with other healthcare facilities, invoice under contracts periodically, and define actions for individual analyses in a certain period.

Detailed insight into business performance is provided by a variety of reports, financial and laboratory. Like any modern system, great emphasis is placed on data security, so that data access rights are defined for each user. A record of the history of all data changes is also available.


CAREOLL Lab packages

As part of the Lab edition, two packages are available to users, Basic and Standard.

Point price*

40 KM

Point price*

65 KM

*The point is a location where only sampling is performed, and in most cases, samples are sent to a larger laboratory for realization. There is no possibility to buy the edition only for the point, but there must be at least one standard laboratory.

One-time services included in the price of the selected package



Basic support from 8:00 to 16:00 on weekdays via email is included in the package price.


Basic package – one day 6 hours included in the license price. For more than one day, an additional payment is made according to the official price list.

Standard package – two days for 6 hours included in the license price. For more than two days, an additional payment is made according to the official price list.

storage space

Basic package 750 MB

Standard package 1 GB

Price list of additional services


Standard support as a separate service from 7:00 to 22:00 every day online (phone, TeamViewer, cisco Webex, skype), flat-rate every month. The price includes a maximum of 25 hours of support per month.

50,00 KM


Additional storage space 1 GB

5,99 KM


Premium support

Premium support 24/7, flat-rate every month. The price includes a maximum of 40 hours of support per month.

80,00 KM


Import of data is not included in the price, the price is defined after the analysis of the submitted data.


Personalized training 1 hour

24,99 KM